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I have a deep love and respect for the preached Word of God and His power to transform lives through the Holy Spirit and the Word. I am committed to sharing the message of holiness in heart and life.

Having done extensive ecumenical work I have a good understanding of and respect for denominational distinctions and seek to preach within those boundaries. My messages are centered on discovering the kingdom of God within us and the transformation God wants to bring to our lives.

Music is also an integral part of the revival experience. I always work to integrate my ministry with any worship style.

Contact me for details by email or call 1-316-847-8844.
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Workshops are one of the most effective tools for teaching spiritual truths. My workshops are designed to facilitate an interactive style.

Attendees get periods of teaching and note taking, combined with time for Q&A, discussion.


Spiritual Retreats offer time for reflection, along with teaching and prayer from the scriptures.

At the heart of all of my workshops and retreats is the concept of becoming an 'Apprentice' of Jesus. An apprentice is one who not only learns, but puts into practice, what he/she has learned.

Workshop Themes:

  • Developing a Lifestyle of Prayer

  • Studying Scripture for All it's Worth

  • Worship that Transcends Style

Contact me for details by email or call 1-316-847-8844.
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