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A PRESENCE IN THE DARK will challenge you to find the answers you're longing for as you grieve the loss of someone you love. Pastor Brad Riley tells how he found the strength to face the death of his own loved one and shares his insightful observations that are guaranteed to help you find the answers to the big questions about life and death. Brad has held hundreds of funeral services over the last decade of ministry giving him the unique opportunity to help families grieving most every cause of death. Every person has a past that shapes how they deal with death. Brad shares how you can find the meaning and purpose you're longing for in the darkest times of life so that you will not only grieve more healthily, but also find the hope you've been looking for all your life.

In "A Pilgrim's Path", Pastor Brad Riley takes you on a journey through the pages of the gospels as he invites you to read, meditate, and journal on the life "IN" Christ that scripture calls you to. Inside you will find a 31-day devotional pathway that leads you to discover the life you were meant to IN Christ.

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