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Hebrews 4;16

For most of history, when people needed help it was not easy to find. Most people lived in the peasant class and had no one to champion their cause. They certainly didn’t go to the King for help. Kings were a part of an elite class that ruled over the people and were rarely concerned with their daily needs. Mercy was rare and grace even rarer. Kings seemed more concerned with their ‘game of thrones’, than with the people’s needs.

But, all of that changed with the coming of Jesus. God always cared for His children but because the disobedience of the people, He often seemed distant. We couldn’t find our way back to Him on our own. Kings were supposed to represent God, but often didn’t. In the Old Testament, the way to God’s mercy was through the sacrificial system and the priestly clan of Levites. But with the advent of God made flesh, Jesus opened the way back to into the presence of God; a way not known since the Fall in the Garden.

What needs do you carry today? What concerns weigh you down? You needn’t break your spirit carrying them. Our Father has the answers, and He’s as close as the mention of His name. Now, you can go straight to the Throne of God, no need to beg to see the King, no long waiting lines. He isn’t busy with any war games. Jesus has opened the Heavens to you. From His throne flow waves of mercy, bringing grace to help in your time of need. Go ahead, call on His name – the King is waiting for you.

Grace and Peace,

+Pastor Brad


Wonderful, merciful Father, I come into your presence today recognizing that you are always with me. You know and care about all that concerns me. Thank you for opening up the Heavens and pouring out your mercy and grace on me. Amen.

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