Partners in Ministry

All Partners receive Brad's monthly newsletter with up to date information about the exciting things God is doing through this ministry. Every issue includes an article written by Brad, offering inspiration for living in these troubled times as well as insight to help you grow deep as a Spirit-filled apprentice of Jesus. All Partners are prayed for in Brad's daily Morning Prayers.


Sustaining Partners participate in this ministry at a grass roots level. Donations help fund the everyday ministry efforts with continuing monthly donations of $25.00 or more.




Founding Partners* are the building blocks which move the mission forward, help put short-term goals into action, and take the ministry to a national and international level. Founding Partners offer continuing monthly donations of $100.00 or more.

*Founders also receive a copy of Brad's Inspirational Prayer Book

Circle of Saints

Circle of Saints** form the inner circle of disciples Brad relies on for achieving long-term goals to keep the ministry at a national and international level. Circle of Saints partner with Brad with annual donations of $5000.00 or more.

**Circle of Saints also receive Brad's  Inspirational Prayer Book as well as an advance personalized copy of all Brad's books.